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Are you an Early Adopter?

I’ve been thinking about Early Adopters lately.  I think I’m an EA and reviewing the definition solidifies my thinking.  I am generally aware of and interested in new technology, but not all types.  I don’t care much about new technology in home theater, tools, sports gear, photography, etc.  I pretty much just stick to computer …

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4 Items for Brogan’s “Managing Social Presence”

Recently Chris Brogan did a post on Managing Social Presence where he ended the post by asking want others want in a presence management dashboard. I’m adding my list of wants to those offered by those in the comments to Chris’ post.

Why hire a Chief Marketing Technologist? [poll]

What is the #1 reason for the rise in popularity of the Marketing Technologist? (leave other answers in the comments) [poll id=”2″]

What is a Marketing Technologist?

Recently I was having lunch with a colleague and we discussed “What is a Marketing Technologist?”  (Other topics: why are companies inventing this position?  What does a Marketing  Technologist do?  How does one land such a job?) What is a Marketing Technologist? Let’s start with some typical responsibilities of the position. Responsibilities: Evaluate new technologies as …

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BONUS POST: what can IT & Market do today?

In the first post in this series we considered what Marketing doesn’t know about IT. In the second post we looked at the flip side. In the third post we looked at the similarities between the two departments. In the final post we looked at why these two are bound at the hip. This is a BONUS post, what can IT & Marketing do together?

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