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Results: “One Thought” for 2016

What’s on the mind of leading Marketing Technologists as we enter 2016? I asked them.

Social Media Bully Pulpit

Looking at recent events on Twitter between to billionaires reminds us that social media can be a benefit and detriment to brand image.

@iamreff’s Law: Organizations can drive innovation!

There is a gap between tech change and organizational change rates. However, organizations can improve their ability to react to technology.

Taking it too far

– My recent forays into the role of early adoptors on innovation uncovered a gem.  In 1999 Tom Creed of St. John University entitled Confessions of an Eary Adopter. Review these 7 steps, do you need an Innovation Intervention? 7 Symptoms of Early Adoption Syndrome Symptom #1 – lack of impulse control in the presence of new …

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Are you an Early Adopter?

I’ve been thinking about Early Adopters lately.  I think I’m an EA and reviewing the definition solidifies my thinking.  I am generally aware of and interested in new technology, but not all types.  I don’t care much about new technology in home theater, tools, sports gear, photography, etc.  I pretty much just stick to computer …

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