What is a Marketing Technologist?

Recently I was having lunch with a colleague and we discussed “What is a Marketing Technologist?”  (Other topics: why are companies inventing this position?  What does a Marketing  Technologist do?  How does one land such a job?)

What is a Marketing Technologist?

Let’s start with some typical responsibilities of the position.


  • Evaluate new technologies as they relate to the Marketing discipline
  • Assist Marketing with technology awareness, evaluation and adoption
  • Create standard processes that support Marketing Operations functions
  • Liase between Marketing and IT as needed to ensure resources are properly aligned

While a list of responsibilities is useful, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  Depending on the company, the opportunity and the individual, a Marketing Technologist may find themselves providing value to the department/company in various ways including:

  • Strategist – you will frequently be asked to analyze situations, evaluate options, and recommend strategy & tactics
  • Change Agent – you may find yourself playing the role of a change agent where you have the opportunity to introduce new marketing technology and techniques
  • Consultant – you may be asked advise ebusiness teams on how to integrate new “Web 2.0” digital techniques to the traditional websites
  • Project Manager – given your unique position between IT & Marketing, you may be asked to manage several projects

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