Are you an Early Adopter?

I’ve been thinking about Early Adopters lately.  I think I’m an EA and reviewing the definition solidifies my thinking.  I am generally aware of and interested in new technology, but not all types.  I don’t care much about new technology in home theater, tools, sports gear, photography, etc.  I pretty much just stick to computer based technology.

This led me to think about how to categorize and capture the level of EA.  I sketched out some of areas that touch my life in a simple radar graph (5 is high).

Why do early adopters exist?

In thinking about it, I believe there are two reasons people become EAs in their interest areas

  1. Passion for topic – an individual finds themselves on the left hand side of the technology adoption curve when they have true passion on the subject matter.  A person becomes super knowledgeable and engages in the community around the topic.  The passion emanates from within the person, it’s part of their being.
  2. Belief in intrinsic value – sure people can tinker without purpose.  Tinkering is wonderful and creative, but I believe Early Adopters find a intrinsic value in the technology.  Perhaps it’s that the best cameras do a better job at creating art.  Or the best sports gear yields the best sportsman.

Sound right?  Does the combination of passion and value that yield early adopters?  What other factors are at play?

What does your radar graph look like?

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