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Marketing Technology Trends You Need To Worry About This Year

Share your thoughts on which marketing technologies you feel will drive change in 2016:

Oct Poll: What LBS check-in apps do you use?

There are so many check in apps that you can spend more time checking in to a restaurant than actually eating a meal.  I pretty much stick with Foursquare but I do use Facebook if I’m with “Facebook friends”.  I’m also interested in trying LevelUp. What LBS check-in apps do you use? Select all that …

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Sept Poll: What blogging platform do you use?

There are many, many options available to those that want to share an opinion ranging from free and simple to….well, inexpensive and involved.  I’m tracking some of the most popular platforms. If I missed the one you use please add it in the comments. – [poll id=”12″] image credit Salvatore Vuono

August Poll: Advertising on social platforms?

Last month’s rather silly poll garnered some definite interest, but then again, anytime you bring Star Wars to a fight you know the nerd crew is going to bring it.  This month we’re a bit more serious and looking at advertising on social media A recent study by The Pivot Conference and Brian Solis determined …

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June Poll: Where do you fit in the Tech Adoption Curve?

Location based services such as Foursquare/Gowalla/Whrll/Places/SCVNGR continue their relatively slow adoption rate. Some see it as an important precursor to social shopping, yet some are worried about security or just don’t see why they should spend time with these apps.

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