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Why I Joined Cutter Associates

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I’ve joined Cutter Associates as a Director in the Client Facing practice to help asset managers with strategy development, vendor selection and solution execution leveraging market insights and best practices.

Let me show you how to love your job search

If you’ve ever conducted a job search you quickly realize one of the biggest challenges is keeping track of who you’re networking with. By the third week you’re likely awash in post it notes. Perhaps you prefer to track your activities on paper or you manage calls and emails in a note-taking app such as …

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Lately Lets You Say Goodbye to Marketing Spreadsheets

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Recently I had an opportunity to demo a new social media management tool called “Lately”.  Lately has some very interesting features, most notably a content generator which takes long form content and automagically creates social media content from the copy. Key features: Let’s review the key features. Content Generation As previewed, the cool feature about …

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2016: A Beer In Review

2016: A Beer In Review

A review of the best beers of 2016.

How to Gain Organizational Buy-In for MarTech Investments

Including a downloadable worksheet on strategies and tactics.

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