4 Items for Brogan’s “Managing Social Presence”

Recently Chris Brogan did a post on Managing Social Presence where he ended the post by asking want others want in a presence management dashboard.  I’m adding my list of wants to those offered by those in the comments to Chris’ post.  As an avid user of Hootsuite, I use its functionality as the jump off point.  I’m thinking about what else I’d like in a presence manager.

1.  Manage inbound & outbound streams (don’t just publish to other networks)

As many (including Suzanne Vara, Charlie_Screendip) suggested, not only do I want to be able to publish to multiple souces, but I want to be able to aggregate social presence into a single interface.  More clearly, a lot of services allow to one to publish to multiple services, but I haven’t found a service that can analyze the content in all your streams and integrate them based on purpose, author, topic and relevance.  The first person to do that is going to be HUGE.  Know someone doing that?  Drop me a note @iamreff.

2.  Manage followers better

I’m trying to be better at curating at lists, but its a pain.  I recently learned of a tool called Fourmulists  and I’m trying it out as a way to dynamically organize my followers and find those with similar interests.  It’s great that a multitude of niche products are sprouting up, I just wish they could be included in a single interface (as I’m sure they will as the space matures).

3.  Provide Relevant info

Like many, I rely on social networks (especially Twitter) for breaking news.  But some news I care about and some I don’t.  I use Google Alerts, socialmention, Twitter searches and other mechanisms to find conversations relative to my interest areas.  This needs to become easier.  I want to be made aware of topics that are influencing people that influence me and my followers.  Again based on purpose, author, topic and relevance.  Revelant stuff to the top, irrelevant stuff to the bottom.

4.  Relevant alerts

Once I can manage my social presence as described above, I want sensible and granular controls over notification.  Notifications include UI, e-mail, SMS and device integration (vibrates, LED changes, chirps).  An example of notification done poorly?  Foursquare ping.  There’s no relevance.

What tools do you use?

Like Chris, I look forward to a platform that makes managing my social presence easier.  Until that happens, what are your tips and techniques?

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