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Better Living Through Bluetooth

As a technology, Bluetooth is underused and under appreciated. I love bluetooth and you should too.

@iamreff’s Law: Organizations can drive innovation!

There is a gap between tech change and organizational change rates. However, organizations can improve their ability to react to technology.

4 Reasons Why Wearable Computers Are OVERHYPED

The Wearable Computing technology trend is fascinating but immature. Those involved in the movement need to think past the technology and consider the real-world practical implications of how the tech impacts society. There are four main challenges to broader adoption of wearable computers: interoperability, stigma, etiquette and privacy.

Get Ready For Wearable Tech.

Consumers are about to be deluged by a new category of products – wearable technology. Manufacturers will be unleashing confusing and incompatible devices and while some will be revolutionary, many will be knock-offs or poorly conceived. As these new devices are made available, ask yourself if they add true value to your life, look at how the gadget fits into your current ecosystem of devices and think about whether you want to be an early adopter of this technology or wait for personal technology to go mainstream.

5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 10-13-12

Stories This Week: Amazon launches an Ad team, content marketing that works, a Facebook marketing tool, politician’s love twitter, product marketing innovation insights from a Harvard professor

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