Taking it too far

My recent forays into the role of early adoptors on innovation uncovered a gem.  In 1999 Tom Creed of St. John University entitled Confessions of an Eary Adopter.

Review these 7 steps, do you need an Innovation Intervention?

7 Symptoms of Early Adoption Syndrome

Symptom #1 – lack of impulse control in the presence of new technologies

Symptom #2 – being in denial about the psychic costs

Symptom #3inability to focus on important variables

Symptom #4anticipation inflates expectations beyond reason

Symptom #5Loss of objectivity, in the moment, everything you do is brilliant

Symptom #6 – The obession becomes a financial burden

Symptom #7 – You are more enthralled with the workings of the technology than what it actually accomplishes

Photo credit Pixomar @ freedigitalphotos.net

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