5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 10-13-12

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

Crazy week at work…setting up for the “Best Week Ever!” (seriously). Nonetheless, I toiled to find the 5 marketing technology stories you might have missed….

MT5 Edition: #57

Stories This Week: Amazon launches an Ad team, content marketing that works, a Facebook marketing tool, politician’s love twitter, product marketing innovation insights from a Harvard professor

1. Amazon Launches Amazon Media Group

[AdAge] Last week Amazon rolled out an integrated advertising platform and everyone is taking notice.

My Take: When you consider the scope of Amazon’s online digital prowess (ecommerce, kindle, web services) along with its rich capabilities and deep data sets — not to mention the level of trust consumers have with Amazon — it is in an interesting position to drive consumer interest.

2. Marketers Bullish on Future of Content Marketing

[eMarketer] Brands, agencies cite numerous benefits of content marketing with email newsletters, social posts and blogging taking the top three spots.

My Take: Its interesting to note that budgets remain small.  Also, info graphics…ugh.

Effective Content Marketing

Effective Content Marketing

3. ShortStack: Facebook Pages Made Easy

[MarketingTechBlog] ShortStack is a toolset for creating and managing Facebook experiences.

My Take: I’m always on the lookout for new tools that put technology in the hands of marketers. I haven’t used this but I am intrigued.


4. Why politicians love Twitter: Tweets drive real donations

[CNET] Twitter users may be tired of political tweets streaming through their feeds, but they shouldn’t expect the flow to subside, because those tweets are driving actual political donations.

My Take: Twitter users exposed to any political tweet are almost twice as likely to donate to a campaign as an average person. Wonder what the stats are for Facebook? I love the story that the Obama team bought the #malarky promoted hashtag soon after, if not during, the VP debate.

Twitter Drives Political Donations

Twitter Drives Political Donations

5. Clayton Christensen: “Disruptive Innovations Create Jobs, Efficiency Innovations Destroy Them”

[TechCrunch] A quick synopsis of some of Clay’s theories on product innovation. It’s a taste of what’s in his books.

My Take: I love this guy. Go read his books. Like this one. Or this one. [affiliate links]


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