Better Living Through Bluetooth

I get a lot of looks/questions about my bluetooth headset and I thought it might be an interesting post topic.

Lobot (not my selfie)

Lobot (not my selfie)

It’s starts with the look. They see the blinking light on the headphones and realize something different is going on. Many realize I have no wires so the ask “What ya got on your head Reff?
Sometimes they see me talking to myself, not realizing that the headphones have a built-in microphone and let’s me talk on the phone hands free. I suffer the slings and arrows of the early adopter so you don’t have to.

Better Living Through Bluetooth

As a technology, Bluetooth is underused and under appreciated.  Most people only think of keyboards and mice, but you do a lot with bluetooth.

Here how I use bluetooth:


As mentioned above, I use bluetooth headphones everyday. They are fantastic for commuting. I used to be  a daily source of amusement to other commuters. Each day I would become entangled in a mess of iPhone, jacket, messenger bag and earbuds. Bluetooth headphones often have volume controls as well as track controls making it easy to pause a song or podcast to have a conversation. If you struggle with earbuds, bluetooth headphones are a cheap upgrade. (affiliate link)

Car stereos

If your car stereo is beat and you need to swap in new stereo, definitely consider a bluetooth enabled stereo.  If you do, you’ll get a few nice features including: hands-free dialing (thanks Siri) and podcasts/music that plays out of your car speakers directly from your phone. Ready to buy? This is what I put in my Jeep when the CD player died. (affiliate link)

Smart Watches:

Pebble watches use bluetooth to connect to your iPhone/Android smart phone.  

Wireless speakers

Not always the most powerful or highest quality speakers, but they are a great option for an office.


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