How I use Bufferapp

Buffer App

How I use Bufferapp

Jeff Cutler asked “How can someone get the most out of Bufferapp?”  I started and stopped using Buffer two times before it took hold, now I’m an avid user. With that in mind I’ll try and answer Jeff’s question. If you think I missed something, hit me up in the comments.

What is Buffer?

From the website:

We designed Buffer to offer you a both personal and yet more efficient solution to handle twitter.

Buffer makes your life easier with a smarter way to schedule tweets. Work out all your tweets at one point in time during the day. Then fill up your Buffer with your tweets and Buffer schedules them for you. Simply keep that Buffer topped up and you will then be tweeting consistently all day round, all week long.

How I use Buffer?

I use buffer in two ways:

  1. During my commute on the train I scan hundreds of RSS feeds. Articles I want to share I add to my buffer. Usually I find 10-20 articles worth sharing. Without Buffer these articles would all be tweeted all at once – very annoying to my followers and since I’m an early bird, most people wouldn’t see what I’ve shared since they’re still eating their Cheerios. With my Buffer schedule set up, (one time set up) my tweets trickle out through the day.
  2. During the day, if I see something interesting come out during the day I can share content with two clicks. Easy peasy.

Why I like Buffer:

  1. Simple and easy to use
  2. Posts to Facebook and Twitter
  3. Allows me to schedules tweets
  4. Straight forward analytics (see image)
  5. Integrates with Pro so I can use my custom domain shortener (
  6. When installed on an Android phone, sharing is a snap
  7. On an iPad, where integration is less straight forward, I can still send articles to my buffer via email or via a Bookmarklet.
  8. Browser extensions make sharing super easy
  9. Socialbro integration allows my to find the best time to tweet and set that schedule for my buffer


Buffer Analytics

Buffer Analytics


What I don’t like about Buffer:

  1. Free version only allows you to put have 10 items in your buffer at once
  2. The paid version is $10/month when a more suitable price point is $3

Sign up for Buffer here and I get an extra post in my buffer!


    • shawn ozbun on January 19, 2012 at 4:03 pm

    I love the buffer app. I actually created a video showing how to use buffer with Google chrome plugin. Awesome stuff

  1. Nice video Shawn!

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