5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 12-31-11

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

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Stories this week: Twitter demographics, B2B Marketing in 2012, Social Media in America and MORE!

B2B Marketing: 6 lessons learned in 2011 from 7 marketing experts

[link] Article has a focus on lead generation tactics.

My Take: If you look at their experts, you’ll see it contains true leaders like Jay Baer so I think you’re getting some valuable insights here.

Marketers Look Beyond Social Media Experimentation

Factors Driving Further Use of Social Media

Factors Driving Further Use of Social Media

[link] Marketers are becoming more mature when it comes to their social media marketing, and many in the US say they hope to move beyond the experimentation phase in the coming years.

My Take: This makes sense. As Marketers are learning to use social they are feeling more comfortable with the medium and how best to use it.

Analyze Your Twitter Followers with “Schmap It”

[link] Provides interesting demographic information at an aggregate level for free. Paid versions provide more data points.

My Take: There’s an arsenal of free analytics tools available for twitter, add this to the list.

8 Ways Digital Will Improve B2B Sales in 2012

[link] Here are the 8 Ways

  1. Social Selling Will Go Mainstream
  2. Companies Will use Facebook as a Sales Channel
  3. Sales Executives Will Adopt Big Data
  4. Customer Engagement Becomes a Top Priority
  5. Outside Sales Reps Will Use iPads
  6. Most Sales Tools Will Move to the Cloud
  7. Sales and Marketing Will Converge
  8. More Companies Will Offer Free Trials

My Take: Some of these things, such as Sales use of iPads certainly will happen in 2012, however I don’t think Sales & Marketing will converge organizationally in the next 12 months.

9 Surprising New Facts About Social Media in America

[link] For example, super socials love twitter, but most brand interactions happen on Facebook. What does that mean? Engage with influencers on twitter and market to potential customers on Facebook.

My Take: I saved the best for last, Jay cuts through the noise with some simple truths


  1. Social media marketing has definitely created a huge impact in terms of marketing. Some companies often rely on social media to spread their business to a huge number of targets.

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