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Cold Turkey

As an experiment, I’m going to try and get all my news from a twitter feed for one week.  So, what does that mean? It means: No market info from my WSJ subscription No info from e-mail subscriptions No RSS feeds I will ignore the dozen podcasts I listen to every week No radio…no sports talk …

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#bannedsessions from #ims10

You can find great summaries from the Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 here, here and here.  Since that ground had been covered, I went back and compiled the comedic gems from the conference.  Rob Brosnaro walked away with the Nobel prize in marketing comedy.  He kept us engaged when things got dry.  So with that I …

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The Social Media Anxiety Epidemic

In the past two months I’ve seen an anxeity at both technical and marketing conferences.  Many attendees share a similar affliction – Social Media Anxiety.  People fear that they are behind the social media curve.  They fear their competitors are ahead of them and that they are in “catch up” mode.  Conference dinner discussions continue to center on, …

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