The Social Media Anxiety Epidemic

In the past two months I’ve seen an anxeity at both technical and marketing conferences.  Many attendees share a similar affliction – Social Media Anxiety.  People fear that they are behind the social media curve.  They fear their competitors are ahead of them and that they are in “catch up” mode.  Conference dinner discussions continue to center on, “what is your social media strategy?” 

While we may be at different levels of social media awareness, no one has a lock on “what to do” – things are moving too fast.  Social media continues to morph and we’re all in catch up mode – always.  New technology keeps popping up and we continue to evaluate and make go/no-go decisions.  For example, how many people have figured out how to leverage Foursquare/Gowalla/Yelp for their brand?

Don’t freak.  Don’t fear. Do…

  1. Define your social media goals focusing on listening and message
  2. Put together your social media team
  3. Define your strategy
  4. Try, test and measure
  5. Keep adapting