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Social Tech Focus: Save Publishing

Save Publishing

The “SavePublishing” bookmarketlet will highlight all the tweetable text on the page allowing you to find the best tweeting opportunities.

Social Media Bully Pulpit

Looking at recent events on Twitter between to billionaires reminds us that social media can be a benefit and detriment to brand image.

Google+ Hits It Stride

Still ignoring Google+? It’s time for another look. Google+’s features and user experience have always been great. lately what’s really driving my interest is…well it’s better than the alternatives – the Twitter and Facebook social experience continues to degrade.

Rudies All Around

Cold calling and blast emailing is rude. Is social selling the answer?

Living without Google Reader

On July 1st 2013, Google will shutter Reader. You can either move your feed to a similar RSS reader or adopt a news reader like one of these: Flipboard, Zite, Pulse or Currents. Read on for advice on what you should do.

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