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5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed

Beyond earthquakes, hurricanes and Jobs’ stepping down, here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed. 1. Twitter rolled out galleries [link] Recently twitter added the post picture feature to twitter.com.  This week twitter users started seeing a image gallery show up as part of their profile.  Perhaps a little worrisome for some users …

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Top 4 Market News Apps

In working on another post I found what I think are the top multi-platform market news apps available. If you need to know what’s going on with the markets, look no further.

In reality, the best mobile market app for you is dependent on your favorite news source. For example, if you’re a Bloomberg devotee you’ll probably like their app best.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab

This is a review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. My perspective is from that of a Android mobile enthusiast. I’m also reviewing the product as an enterprise device, not as a casual consumer so I did not pay special attention to the lifestyle aspects of playing music, reviewing pictures or it’s ereader capabilities.

How to measure QR code impressions

As with everything, tracking and attributing campaign results are difficult, especially when it comes to direct mail. QR codes provide an opportunity to link direct mail efforts to digital platforms, but unless efforts are well thought out, results can be difficult to measure.

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