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Blue Train Mobile – mobile websites

During #ims11 I had the pleasure of meeting a few members of the Blue Train Team and I was able to convince Steffan Berelowitz, Conductor & CEO, to jump in front of the camera. I wish I had asked them about the name, “What’s with the train theme? Isn’t that sort of 1910?” but I …

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10 Marketing Technology Take-Aways from #ims11

1. Use technology to support a market differentiation strategy Be focused and committed to one ideal and you will stand out. Too many companies are racing towards sameness with an arms race of copy-cat features. It’s difficult to build brand affinity if customers can’t tell you a part.  Examples that come to mind are LBS …

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IMS Day2 – afternoon notes & take-aways

Day 1 morning notes Day 1 afternoon notes Day 2 morning notes Uncovering The Science Behind Viral Marketing with David Skok Best business model is low cost of customer acquisition (COCA) and high lifetime value (LTV) The viral loop: customer sees your app –> tries it –> decides whether to share –> creates and invitation …

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IMS Day2 – morning notes & take-aways

Day 1 morning notes Day 1 afternoon notes The Art of Enchantment with Guy Kawasaki   [important]Three pillars of Enchantment = likability, trustworthiness, quality[/important] Achieve Likability Dress for a tie Under-dressing = “I don’t respect you” Over-dressing “I am better than you” Equal-dressing “we’re peers” Make a Duchenne smile – uses both eyes and mouth …

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IMS Day1 – Afternoon notes & take-aways

If you missed parts of the 2011 Inbound Marketing Summit here’s some of the best take-aways. Here are the morning notes.     Boston Sports Shootout with Peter Stringer and Ann Zeigler Interact with fans in a open and interactive forum – be where your customers are Engaging with fans by listening to what they …

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