IMS Day2 – morning notes & take-aways

Day 1 morning notes

Day 1 afternoon notes

The Art of Enchantment with Guy Kawasaki


[important]Three pillars of Enchantment = likability, trustworthiness, quality[/important]

  1. Achieve Likability
    1. Dress for a tie
      1. Under-dressing = “I don’t respect you”
      2. Over-dressing “I am better than you”

      3. Equal-dressing “we’re peers”

    2. Make a Duchenne smile – uses both eyes and mouth muscles – you want crows feet
  2. Achieve Trustworthiness

    1. Trustworthiness

    2. Trust others before they will trust you

    3. Examples: Amazon (not to return the book after reading) , Zappos (free shipping both ways, Nordstrom

    4. Bake, don’t eat

      1. Eater sees the world as a zero-sum game

      2. Baker sees the world as expanding – we can all eat more

      3. Bakers are more trusted than eaters

    5. Default to “yes”

  3. Perfect
    1. Create DICEE products/services
      1. Deep, Intelligent, Complete, Empowering, Elegant
    2. It’s easier to enhance with a great product instead of crap
    3. Make it short, sweet and swallowable
    4. Conduct a pre-mortem – prepare for failure, list out factors and then start mitigating the potential problems
  4. Launch
    1. Tell a story
    2. Plant many seeds
    3. Marketing 1.0 suck up to NYT, CNet, WSJ, etc
    4. Marketing 2.0 connect with people
    5. Use salient points
      1. Miles/gallon vs. Yearly costs (what people care about)
      2. Dollars vs. Months of food
      3. Gigabytes vs Number of songs
  5. Endure
    1. build an ecosystem
    2. invoke reciprocation
    3. enable people to pay you back
  6. Overcome resistance
    1. Provide social proof – like Apple’s white ear buds became a visible evidence
    2. Agree on something
    3. Enchant all the influencers
  7. Present
    1. Customize the introduction
    2. Sell your dream – iPhone <> $188 parts + AT&T
    3. 10 slides in 20 minutes using 20
  8. Use technology
    1. Remote the speed bumps – Example: Captucha
    2. Provide value: information, insights, assistance
    3. Engage – answer email within 48 hours
    4. Fast, frequent, fast
    5. Prototype fast
  9. How to Enchant employees
    1. Provide a MAP – mastery, autonomy, purpose
    2. Empower action
    3. Suck it up – get dirty
  10. ?


The Science of Social Media with Dan Zarella

  • Things don’t become “viral” because they are good or bad
  • Memetics – the study of why ideas spread
  • Zanerella’s Hierarchy of Contagiousness: Exposure | Attention | Motivation

Optimizing exposure (extending reach)

  • [error]Myth “engaging in the conversation” is the most important thing in social media[/error]
    • Highly followed accounts
    • aren’t conversational
    • tweet a lot of links
  • More Facebook conversation does not mean more views
  • Conversation doesn’t build reach you need to share interesting content
  • Accounts who don’t have pictures don’t get followed
  • [error]Myth “Don’t call yourself a guru”[/error]
    • Identify yourself authoritatively
  • Self promotion doesn’t build followers, don’t talk about yourself
  • People shy away from negativity, don’t be a jerk
    • Popular content: positive, learning, media
  • Regarding influence: Quantity is more important than quality


  • CTR increase with tweet scarcity – don’t crowd out your own content
  • Let your content breath
  • [error]Myth: Friday, Saturday and Sunday are bad days to tweet [/error]
    • CTR much higher on Saturdays and Sunday
    • Less volume of traffic means your message is more likely to get through
    • Experiment with Saturdays and Sundays
    • Use contra-competitve timing


  • Performance
    • You are working to establish your reputation
    • Every exchange is a transfer of value.  The more value received, the more likely you are to exchange again
  • Scarcity
    • Rumors spread in an information void
    • Use novel words to stand out
    • In times of crisis don’t let rumors spread – communicate
    • Use information voids. Find out what people are talking about your keywords. If people are talking about your keywords, blog about that topic and tweet it.
  • Sharing
    • [error]Myth: Please ReTweet doesn’t work[/error]
    • Please ReTweet get 3x more RTs
    • Don’t forget social sharing

Take Your Marketing to the Next Level With Social CRM with Jon Ferrara, Larry Augustin and Brent Leary

  • What is social CRM?
    • Integrate with your contacts and calendar to provide one cohesive platform
    • Allows you to act purposefully
    • Future: email, social, calendaring tools are integrated
    • Empowering your employees to connect internally
    • Connecting with customers where they are
    • Analyzing data and making customer-centric decisions
    • It’s an updated way of picking up social clues.  Instead of seeing the pictures on your office wall, you look at the pictures on their Facebook wall
    • Communicating the way people want to communicate

Other thoughts

  • No one puts in activities into CRM, they just put in what they must get reported on
  • Tear down walls between sales, marketing, customer service to have better conversations w/ customers
  • Well executed CRM provides a much better customer experience – Can this be a competitive advantage
  • You don’t need to just support prospects but also the influencers. Develop communities that allow customers to be part of the company. Nurture that community

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