Top 5 Social Marketing Tech Posts of 2013

Top 5In 2013 I moved away from a weekly curated post of the top 5 stories of the week and went back to writing original content.  I’ve really enjoyed getting back to blogging about my professional passion. And thanks to the kids having tons of activities involving me waiting for them, I’ve had plenty of time to write. #dadlife

So without further ado, here are the top 5 posts of 2013:

Top 5 Social Marketing Tech Posts of 2013

1. Top 10 Tips From #SxSW Veterans

SxSW interactive was great in 2013.  My roomie, Jeff Cutler and I made the most of what Austin and the conference had to offer.  I suspect the reason this post was so popular was because so many great people were nice enough to participate in the post.

2. Promote Your Blog Content With This ‘RSS to Email’ Trick

email marketing - yoelContent Marketing is a popular topic now and perhaps that’s why this post resonated.  But as important as Content Marketing is, Content Promotion is just as important, and this post was a nice, tactical tip that can really increase the audience for your blog content. Connecting your blog to your email list is a good way to stay connected with your audience.



3. How to remember hundreds of passwords without writing them down


I had been wanting to write this post for a couple years. When you live on the Internet you use dozens of passwords (if not more). The only way you can use web services effectively, yet remain secure, is to have a system.  This system has worked well for me and everyone who uses it.  As I mention in the comments, you can also sync your password file across multiple devices so your passwords are always secure and available.


4. 4 Reasons Why Wearable Computers Are OVERHYPED

Iron Man Toon

I envisioned smart watches years ago and I ordered mine the day the Pebble Kickstarter watch launched. It’s not a revolutionary device, but I do like getting important notifications, weather updates from my wrist.  I can also easily access my music library and my work and personal schedule from my wrist. It’s cool.

I’m still bearish on Google Glass. No doubt, I wish I had gotten one, but such devices have a long way to go before they’re socially accepted.


5. Living without Google Reader

News Readers

I get all my news from the internet.  So when I heard Google was killing Reader, it was a big deal.  My hypothesis with this post was that not only was Reader going away, but so was RSS.  Google Readers absence would open the doors for companies like Flipbook to monetize the news process.  Many called me out on this and suggested I use Feedly as a Google Reader replacement.  So what happened? No definitive answer.  Many adopted news aggregator apps, but I did make the jump to Feedly and really, nothing has changed.


Thanks to you for taking the time to read my posts in 2013 and stay tuned, I’m working on a major change in 2014.

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Photo Credits: Yoel Ben-Avraham, U of Arizona, DracRoig

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