Innovation without Execution is __________?

I asked this question because my answer was a bit too….shall we say “colorful.” And I need a better way to share the thought that innovation for innovation’s sake is pointless.  Here are the responses I’ve gotten so far.

Add yours in the comments:

Kord Miller: Innovation without execution is a good idea left on a post it note.

David Horn: Innovation without execution is pollution.

Scott Holz: Innovation without execution is just another idea.

Mike Miller: Innovation without execution is Par for the course sadly. As we learned at Babson, the quality of the idea is secondary to the quality of the team. Even the best idea will go no where if not nurtured properly.

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  1. I know this is a trick question…I go with Innovation without Execution is Outtovation.

  2. Outtovation!?! Love it.

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