Group Texting will replace email

[yes, this is an April Fools post]

You heard it here first.  GROUP TEXTING WILL REPLACE EMAIL.  Technologies come and technologies go but Group Texting (aka Group Messaging) is here to stay.  Group texting makes sense for several reasons:

  1. People have overshared – Folks have connected to hundreds/thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, etc.  However, they’ve lost the ability to connect with people the really care to converse with.  One can’t talk to a thousand people with any meaning.  Having the ability to control who is in a group allows one to share information in a controlled manner.  This lets then be true and transparent.  Transparency leads to trust.  Trust leads to deep relationships.
  2. Noise – All this connectivity leads to a massive amount of noise.  It’s a personal firehose that drowns us.  Groups all one to reduce the noise and focus on groups of people that they want to stay connected with.
  3. Privacy – Group texting allows for more private communication among people.  Although nothing on the internet is truly secure, at least with Group Texting your not sharing your information with known criminals and crack heads.
  4. Context – Groups can be organized around topics such as events, regions, family, fans, etc. This provides context around communications and allows for group conversations – sort of like discussion boards.

Think about how Group Texting could be used!  It’s a great way to let your fans know what you’re having for breakfast.

With so many vendors coming on line (Fast Society, Facebook’s Beluga and GroupMe, Google Disco) the future seems bright for this technology. 

I can certainly see this technology eclipsing many technologies including 1-1 texting AND email.

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