Lately Lets You Say Goodbye to Marketing Spreadsheets

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Recently I had an opportunity to demo a new social media management tool called “Lately”.  Lately has some very interesting features, most notably a content generator which takes long form content and automagically creates social media content from the copy.

Key features:

Let’s review the key features.

Content Generation

As previewed, the cool feature about Lately is you can create social content, notably tweets, from an article or white paper. Lately uses IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence solution to cull out the best content for sharing. The tweets automatically have the proper hashtags inserted. You may need to tweak the results a bit, but it’s a great head start.

Content Planning

If you currently manage your content schedule in a third-party app (Excel or Outlook), you know what a hassle that is. Lately pulls all of your content into one view and allows you to integrate it with your Windows or Mac calendar for easy sharing with team members.

Other content planning features I liked:

  1. Bulk upload and scheduling
  2. Integration with
  3. Easy to quickly unschedule posts

Influencer Tracking

Currently Lately can track influencer engagement on Twitter. LinkedIn is on the product roadmap.


While Lately doesn’t provide contact tracking or currently integrate with your CRM to develop and analyze sales pipeline, it does provide a clean and attractive mechanism for measuring Marketing performance across digital channels.

In Summary

Lately provides value for small/medium-sized teams looking to manage their social media effectively. If your social media team is relying on spreadsheets to manage content, Lately can streamline your social media operations. If you want to check it out, start by testing your website’s Marketing consistency. It’s FREE.I was not paid for this post.

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