Promote Your Blog Content With This ‘RSS to Email’ Trick

email marketing - yoelCreating valuable content for your audiences is essential to your content strategy. But just as important is content promotion. You should spend as much time on content promotion as you do on content creation.

Promoting your blog content can be accomplished through a number of ways including:

  1. Embedding posts on your other digital properties such as your website
  2. Using social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to draw attention to your blog 
  3. Post syndication, either paid or earned
  4. Email marketing

This post covers how to create a method for your blog viewers to subscribe to your blog via email.  How important is email marketing? eMarketer featured a story reporting:

May 2012 data from the CMO Council showed a significant majority of marketers worldwide (67%) rated email the most successful digital marketing tactic. 

RSS to Email

‘RSS to Email’ automates the email marketing campaign process and MailChimp makes it easy to do. (I use this feature on my blog)  The RSS to Email feature sends subscribers a regular digest of your most recent posts using a template and schedule you decide.  It’s a great way to build an audience that is interested in your blog topics.  Best of all, once set up, you never have to administer it.  It’s truly set it and forget it. Based on your list size, the service may even be free.

MailChimp RSS to Email

MailChimp RSS to Email

Do It Right

A few tips on setting up Mailchimp’s RSS to Email service:

  1. You can import lists of friends into the service, make sure you’ve got their permission to start sending them email.
  2. Send up a test email list and send your posts to the test lists for a few weeks making sure your templates look correct.
  3. The email templates are serviceable, but you they also provide extensive documentation on creating custom templates.
  4. If you’re a business, consider your other email marketing campaigns.  Be sure you’re not overwhelming your subscribers.  Also, recognize that you’re managing two email campaign tools. If someone unsubscribes from one list, do you need to subscribe them from the other?  Consider how ‘RSS to Email’ fits into your broader email marketing campaign strategy.

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Photo Credit: Yoel Ben-Avraham


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