5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 9-22-12

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 Edition: #54

Stories This Week: Social Media proves its value, LTE coverage, Facebook makes free cost $5, Marketing Technology supergraphic, “the next big thing”

1. Social Media Proves Value, Gets Budgets

[eMarketer] Despite difficulty in proving ROI, 52% of US B2C marketers and 41% of US B2B marketers planned to increase their social marketing budgets in 2013

My Take: Depending on your company, social media may be easy/hard to quantify.  However, I haven’t met anyone who qualitatively isn’t finding value in social marketing.

Also, I’m starting to separate social a bit:

  1. Social Media – including branding, outreach, listening & engaging with influencers, PR
  2. Social Networking – empowering employees and sales, events, etc.
They have different success measures don’t they.

2. Where You Can Actually Get 4G LTE With the iPhone 5

[Gizmodo] LTE speeds are awesome, unless you can’t use them.  Click through to find AT&T, Verizon and Sprint LTE coverage maps.

LTE Verizon Coverage

LTE Verizon Coverage

3. Facebook to charge for promotional offers

[ABC-CBN News] Facebook Inc said it will start charging businesses to run promotional offers on its social network, turning a free service into a potential revenue generator as investors and analysts demand new sources of growth from the recently listed company.

My Take: Oh this is good.  FB revenue and stock prices are lagging and Facebook is going to charge for previously free services?!? Marketing executives, already not happy with their return on facebook marketing dollars are not happy with this decision.

4. Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2012)

[ChiefMarTec] Scott Brinker updated his Marketing Technology Landscape graph. I’m amazed by how much effort must have gone into researching and classifying these companies/products.

Marketing Technology Landscape 2012

Marketing Technology Landscape 2012

5.Don Dodge: Why Indoor Location Is The Next Big

[TechCrunch] The video in this article starts with some interesting comparisons between Google and Microsoft and then moves to “the next big thing.”

My Take: I agree. If you’ve ever shopped a big box store (Target, Home Depot, Ikea) you realize how much the customer experience could be improved by connecting people with the stuff they want to buy.

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