5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 9-10-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed.

1. Only 1 in 10 smartphone users use a check in service like Foursquare / Gowalla

[link] Interesting that 25% of Latino smartphone owners using geosocial services.  This matches up with their research showing that minorities use twitter more than whites.  Other Pew findings:

  • only 4 percent of adults use their phones specifically for check-in services like Foursquare and Gowalla, the same as in November.
  • 23 percent of all adults have used a location-based service to get directions and recommendations.

MY TAKE: This suggests that location based services in general and check-in apps in particular are not keeping pace with overall smartphone penetration – a missed opportunity. I still think that LBS is going to be huge but it will only huge when it DISAPPEARS into the mobile experience.  I wrote how Google’s acquisition of Zagat is a move to provide a full mobile experience.  Location is part of the equation, but keep looking at the bigger picture.

I personally had a great Foursquare experience this week.  I took the little guy to the Lego store and there was a Foursquare special that granted a free special lego with a checkin.  I feel there is inherent value for customers and brands here, but it’s just going take time to play out.

Alien Lego received with Foursquare checkin

2. HTML5 loosens Apple grip on apps

[link] Application makers like Financial Times are investing in HTML5 as a way to escape Apple’s iTunes store.


Apple impact: significantly reduced profits from its iTunes store

Marketing Technologists impact: HTML5 provides a way to develop an cross-platform mobile application using one set of code

3. Death To Banner Ads! Social Media Campaigns That Worked Without Them

[link] Companies mentioned: Klout, Wildfire and Mr. Youth

MY TAKE: I don’t see banner ads.  I think my brain has trained my eyes to find what I’m looking for on the webpage without noticing the surrounding ads.  Although I don’t have direct experience with ad networks, I really question their value.  Look for campaigns that engage with audiences and avoid those that interrupt them.

4. Lead Nurturing: Fewer emails yield 225% more sales leads

[link] Great case study from marketing sherpa providing 3 simple steps to achieving more with less.

MY TAKE: This is Marketing 101: STP: Segmentation –> Targeting –> Positioning

Stick to these basics and avoid “spray and pray” tactics.  It requires more thinking up front but as this case study shows, the results can be dramatic.

5. Who’s Using Question and Answer Sites?

[link] I’ll tell you who – the  young (18-34) and the affluent.

MY TAKE: If you serve this market, this information suggests that product managers should establish a presence on sites like Quora.  Look for customers asking questions about your product and services and set up “FAQ-like” areas where you address typical customer service questions.

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