3 Google+ Gripes

A quick apology, not as much content recently, I’m working on developing a related side project.  More to come if we can get our act together.

Before I rant, you can find me here on Google+: http://gplus.to/iamreff

Okay, 3 quick reasons why Google+ is driving me nuts.

1.   Stalled Network Effect

It’s great that I can create context circles, but for the most part it’s the SoMe rockstar show.  Now, I love the rockstars, but I already have multiple outlets to benefit from their wisdom.  As people have written before, the real-time nature of Google+ makes it a better platform for engagement (as opposed to Twitter), but the lack of large network of users really limits the conversation.  The conversation on Google+ seems very natural and organic, but there’s too little of it. Perhaps 10% of my Facebook friends are on Google+ and for the most part those are my SoMe friends who I see everyday on Twitter.  Until more people join Google+, it’s not much of a draw for me, just another thing to weed and feed.  How can Google get more users on Google+? More and better features.

2.     The “What’s Your Favorite Color?” Syndrome

So although this is a rant post I want to be particularly careful not to blame Google+ users.  It’s a new platform and people are poking and prodding it, trying to see how to best use it.  HOWEVER, right now it feels like it’s missing the conversation starter.  As a user, you create the groups based on the topic, but you’re the only one that knows the context of the circle.  For example, I created a Babson circle where I put all my friends from our MBA program. However, I can’t use the circle as a group to share context related stories.  I want to create groups within the circles and have discussions there on specific topics, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Google+ users are left to start their own conversations.  As a result many post questions.  Since we are lacking the context of a group, it seems most are left asking very broad questions that may come across as a bit silly and not as interesting as the author might desire.  I wish there better integration with Sparks providing the needed conversation starters.  Or perhaps a Quora like capability to do Q&A.

3.     Autoposting Pictures

Out of the box the pictures you take are automatically uploaded to your Google+ profile (at least it does with my DroidX).  Perhaps it’s nice functionality, but for a number of reasons, I want creative control.  I frequently take multiple pictures and only post the best.  I take pictures of my kids and friends kids and I want to decide what to share.  Of course Google gives you a couple ways out of this.  You can disable the upload feature in your Google+ app and remove photos from your profile.


I haven’t spent a ton of time in Google+ and it’s totally possible that I’m missing some critical piece of the puzzle.  If so, let me know in the comments.


    • Anonymous on August 9, 2011 at 12:06 am

    Hey, John… I think you may have #3 wrong. If you turn on Instant Upload, all of your photos will be uploaded automatically to G+ but they won’t be shared. That requires an extra step, and you can control who you share them with via circles, etc.

    I too have a Droid X and have this feature turned on. I actually find it quite convenient – makes things easy to share when I want to. However, it does give me two places to delete those multiple takes you’re talking about.


  1. Ahhh, I knew I could count on you to set me straight!

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