4 reasons why Marketing and IT need each other

Now in Marketing after 15 years of managing technology infrastructure I have gained insights into the similarities and differences between IT and Marketing.  This is the last post in a series of four posts.

In the first post in this series we considered what Marketing doesn’t know about IT. In the second post we looked at the flip side. In the third post we looked at the similarities between the two departments.  In the final post we’ll look at why these two are bound at the hip.

4 reasons why Marketing and IT need each other

  1. Marketing needs IT to become (or continue to be) an adaptive organization that effectively applies technology to reach company goals
  2. Marketing is great at PR, but isn’t often tech savvy.  IT loves technology, but is generally not good at PR.  If IT helps advance Marketing advance its capabilities via systems/solutions, Marketing could help generate great buzz regarding how IT is a great business partner
  3. Both seek to demonstrate their organizational value and they can work together to identify gaps and implement solutions that furthers the goals of the organization
  4. Both have experience managing shifting priorities and fire-drills, but if they work together they can establish clear objectives and roadmaps

There’s are discussions out there with some viewing marketing technology as a battlefield.  What do you think is it a battle or an opportunity for greater partnership?

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