Beyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before

imagesBeyond Mobile: Where No Geek Has Gone Before



Josh Clark, who also invented the super-popular running program “Couch To 5K” program, led the audience through the future of mobile. The entire presentation is at the bottom, but here are some highlights.

Examples of the Future of Mobile


Skinvaders is a game that turns a face into the background for a space-invaders type game for the iPad.

Table Drum

Table Drum turns everyday objects into inputs for a drum machine. This technology shows us we can move beyond a mouse and keyboard.


AnyTouch turns any surface into a game controller.

[important]The best touch interface is no interface at all[/important]

Medical Breakthroughs

Electronic pills that can tell you when a loved one has taken their medicine [LINK]

Sensors embedded into cows that text the farmer when the cow is in heat. The ultimate in barnyard booty calling.[LINK]

[important]Gestures + Speech = Magic[/important]

Scrabble for iPad

Versions of this game use an iPad as a game board and iDevices as controllers. Letting you have a $1,500 game of Scrabble.

Grab Magic

Grab Magic let’s you grab a screen from a TV and “throw” it to a second screen using hand gestures.

[important]sensors give us superpowers!!! GPS, cameras, microphones, accelerometers, compass…[/important]

Rounding it Out

Josh rounded out the session with these words of wisdom.

  1. Push Sensors – less staring at screens
  2. Think Social – make devices interact seamlessly
  3. Your Ecosystem – managing your personal contact and services
  4. We’re All Cloud Developers
  5. Mind Your Metadata – structured data will enable sharing and automation
  6. New Input Methods – move interface off the screen

PDF of presentation:


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