5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 12-1-12

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology 5

5 Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

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MT5 Edition: #64

Stories This Week: Social doesn’t drive sales, Lanyrd steps in to fill a gap, growth in mobile, mobile SEO tips, Thunderclap

1. Twitter Generated Zero Percent of Black Friday Sales


My Take: When you look at one part of the customer life cycle (acquisition) and expect every sales/marketing tactic to serve it…well that’s just silly.  This article admits social media was used to share experiences post purchase providing two potential benefits. First, it immediately drives word of mouth which leads to additional sales. Second, and depending on privacy settings, it provides the brand with an opportunity to interact with the new customer where they can thank them, offer additional tips or products and learn what the customer didn’t like about the process – all of these things should be quite valuable to the brand.

2. Lanyrd Jumps Into The Space Left By LinkedIn’s Events App Closure With New Features

[TechCrunch] This week LinkedIn shut down it’s Events service giving startups like Lanyrd a better path to customer acquisition.

My Take: I’ve only used Lanyrd for one event, this years SxSW. It seemed fairly well featured and well integrated with social yet in the case of SxSW it was a bit slow to update the content of the conference (as I recall). Then again, SxSW is massive so difficulty is kind of expected.

Growth of Avg Time Spent On Major Media

Growth of Avg Time Spent On Major Media

3. Trends for 2013: Making Mobile-First a Priority

[eMarketer] For years, marketers emphasized a build-for-the-desktop-first approach, with mobile serving as little more than a sideshow. However, rapid advances in smartphone and tablet ownership have changed that equation.
My Take: Call this the “Tablet Effect”.

What’s diminishing? Print magazines and newspapers

What’s growing? Online reading via smartphone and tablet

If you don’t have a “Mobile First” strategy now, why not?

4 Ways Mobile Impacts SEO

[ConvinceandConvert]  The dynamics of search are constantly changing.Take a look at what factors currently influence mobile SEO.

My Take: SEO is a highly technical skill and these are a few tips to consider when developing a mobile SEO strategy.

5. Be Heard For Saying Something Together


Thunderclap allows a single message to be mass-shared, flash mob-style, that rises above the noise of your social networks. By boosting the signal at the same time, Thunderclap helps a single person create action and change like never before.

My Take: A little bit Kickstarter and a little bit Charity Water.  I heard about Thunderclap from CC Chapman’s “Amazing Things Will Happen” book campaign. You can check out Thunderclap by supporting his Thunderclap here (ends Dec 3rd). 

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