5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 8-11-12

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 Edition: #49

Hope you had an awesome week. Things here have been busy. Still working on learning Ruby on Rails and sneaking in bike rides whenever I can.  So, on with the show…

Stories This Week: social innovation slows, the cloud gets hacked, Olympic visualizations, mobile-social growth and B2B marketing technology

1. Social Networks Are Maturing & Innovation Has Slowed

[MIT] Hundreds of thousands of developers know that building apps that rely on the Facebook or Twitter platforms comes at a risk—at any time, the companies can change their access rules or launch a competing feature.

My Take: It’s like Harvey Dent said, “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

2. The Cloud Gets Hacked

[Wired] A wired reporter was hacked – HARD. By taking advantage of poor security practices in Apple and Amazon customer support, the hacker was able to wipe the reporters laptop. And, because he wasn’t backing up, he lost everything.

My Take: Mashable published this guide on what to do to keep this from happening to you. This incident highlights the security problem associated with cloud based computing. Even Woz agrees.


Secure your email accounts:


3. Olympic Visualizations

The New York Times created these great digital illustrations of three Olympic events. Check out these dynamic illustrations.

Men’s 100-Meter Sprint

Men’s Long Jump

Men’s 100-Meter Freestyle

4. Americans Get Social on Their Phones

US Mobile Social Network Growth

US Mobile Social Network Growth

[eMarketer] Social networking, aided by the widespread adoption of smartphones in the US, is quickly making the jump to mobile, according to eMarketer estimates.

My Take: Too often I forget that me and my friendly fishes are swimming in our little socia-mobile-local pond. I forget that the rest of the world is not wound up in this stuff.  They’re just, you know, living.  I expected these numbers to be higher. Almost everyone I know has a smartphone. The percentage of my friends that are social-mobile has to be above 85%.  My take on these numbers relates to the first story this week. The early and late adopters as well as early majority segments have been captured. The rest of the growth will be on attracting the late majority and laggards to the space and the features and apps that will attract them have already been developed.  

5. Concepts Every B2B SEO Needs To Know In Today’s Internet Marketing Environment

[SearchEngineLand] In response to the assertion that SEO dead, SE Land responded by pointing out that search engine marketing is more than a set of tricks to gain traffic, it’s an evolving marketing technology discipline.

My Take: Marketing is too often ruled by “rules of thumb”  and historical knowledge. Marketers are wise to add Conversion Rate Optimization, Lead Management, Lead Nuturing and Content Curation to their skill set.


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