5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 7-28-12

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 Edition: #47

It was a slow week and I was a bit under the weather. I feared I wouldn’t have 5 stories, but no fear, the stories were there.

Stories This Week: Foursquare gets MORE pushy, curation = reporting?, the Future of the Internet, social media success secrets and Olympic apps.

1. Foursquare adds Promoted Updates, for on-demand geofenced advertising

[TheVerge] Last week Foursquare announced Local Updates, allowing businesses to send info to existing customers. This week they announced Promoted Updates as a way for businesses to reach potential new customers.

My Take: I worried about this announcement but in reading the details Foursquare is doing two things right:

  1. Keeping promotions relative to your (or your friends) interests.  
  2. Putting the promotions on the Explore tab. This makes sense because the Explore tab is used to discover new venues. If Foursquare pushed promotions to a more prominent, disruptive position such as the home screen, users would be more likely to revolt.

2. NBC Links Up With Storify For Real-Time Curated Olympics Coverage

[TechCrunch] NBC journalists will be mining content from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and other social media sites, and putting into the Storify platform to create running narratives of the Olympic stories.

My Take: Remember reporting? Remember when reporters had to chase down stories? Increasingly established newsmakers are relying on your content to tell the story. Is that lazy or an attempt to remain relative?

3. Andrew Keen and Jeremiah Owyang on Future of Internet



4. Five Secrets of USAA’s Success in Social Media

[Experience:TheBlog] Augie Ray, Executive Director of Community and Collaboration at USAA, provide’s five secrets for social success.

My Take: What makes Augie’s success so amazing is that he’s experienced such success despite executing social in the highly regulated financial services industry. If you’re a Forrester customer you can read their case study here.

5. 5 Essential Apps for Olympic Fanatics


My Take: Since I’m writing this during the opening ceremonies I thought these apps were worth sharing.


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