Blog Technology: Does it matter?

Blog Technology

Blog Technology

Blog Technology: Does it Matter?

So I’m Marketing Technology guy. My take is form follows function. First you decide what you want to do and then you decide how you want to do it.

On blogs we know that content (and context) are king, but does the technology matter only as an afterthought?  To put a fine point on it, I’m doing a simple Yes/No poll. Does the blog technology matter?


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  1. I’d like to add in that while YES I believe the blogging technology matters, … more importantly is actually understanding that technology (or hiring someone trustworthy to manage it) has to weigh in. It’s easy now to create internet content, but what happens if/when you want to move that content or you begin focusing on SEO of your content?

  2. speaking of trust. I pretty much trust anyone with a email account of! 

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