5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 11-5-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed. Hot Topics this week:mobile app dev, GoMo, Mom’s rule and integrating email and social.

1. Report: iOS and Android apps fighting for retention, not discovery

[link] Great report on the state of mobile app development.

In summary:

  1. Android is catching up to iOS in terms of quantity of apps
  2. The number of monthly downloads has quadrupled in a year
  3. Retention is replacing app discovery as the number 1 problem

My Take: No surprise – quality content still wins. Mobile app developers can pay their way to a high ranking in app stores, but if the app doesn’t kill, it will quickly drop in the rankings.

2. How To Go Mobile with Google

[link] Google launched a microsite that helps companies mobilize their website

  1. provides free tools: in this case it rates your current website’s look/feel and functionality
  2. provides free advice: why site mobility matters
  3. It provides a clear call to action: companies that you can work with to mobilize your site

My Take: Why did Google do this? Perhaps it has a revenue sharing agreement with the companies that it provides but I imagine that will be peanuts to Google. I suspect the real reason is the lack of mobile sites will impede Google’s future ability to sell mobile ad space. HowToGoMo.com helps fill that gap.

3. Mom’s Rule

Getting to Know (and Like) the Social Mom

[link] This Nielsen report shows the purchasing power of social moms. They are much more likely to share product experiences online.

Mom Bloggers, A Force To Be Reckoned With

[link] This Scarborough report shows that Mommy bloggers are “Not just media users, they’re media makers”

My Take: These articles, along with being married to a mom that works in this space, highlights the influence power of social moms. They have a strong voice, they’re super-social and well organized. Smart brands already know this and include them in their social campaigns.

4. Interactive Email: 6 tactics to leverage the influence of social reinforcement

[link] Marketing Sherpa provides great detail on how to integrate social into your traditional email marketing campaigns.

My Take: I suspect Marketers are realizing email and social aren’t “either / or” propositions. Figuring out how to integrate traditional and social marketing is key and you’ve got to love this level of detail.

5. Google Revamps AdWords Location Targeting Tool

[link] Google is integrating Google Maps with AdWords. The first of these changes provides a graphical interface and more information such as reach.

My Take: PPC isn’t my thing, I suspect this is a minor update. It is also consist with the general theme of product integration and rationalization Google has undertaken.

GoMo is an initiative that aims to help businesses build mobile-friendly websites. And, in an era when three mobile devices are activated for every baby born on earth, GoMo couldn’t be timelier.

Consider these facts:

  • Web searches from mobile devices have increased 400% in the last two years.
  • Soon, more people will access the web from a mobile device than desktop computers.
  • Businesses can increase consumer engagement up to 85% with a mobile-optimized website.

But in spite of these compelling statistics, only 36% of American businesses have mobile friendly sites. Everyone else is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach customers in a new and very personal way.

As advertising professionals, this is exactly the kind of opportunity we should jump on. A campaign without a mobile strategy is really just not a complete campaign anymore. This is as rich and as crucial a field to be playing in as the internet itself was 15 years ago, and the time to do it is now.

And that’s where GoMo comes in. Visit the case study section of GoMo to learn more about how consumers use mobile and understand best practices for mobile sites. You can even run your site through the GoMoMeter for a personalized report on how to get mobile-friendly.  Get smart about mobile, and get ready for a revolution in digital creative.

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