5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 11-26-11

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

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Stories this week: Facebook phone, Winning with Animated GIFs, Cyber Monday, Comments 4x more valuable than Likes and Pintrest growth

1. The Facebook Phone: It’s Finally Real and Its Name Is Buffy

[link] After years of denying that Facebook was building a phone. Yeap, you guessed it, Facebook is partnering with HTC to build a phone.

My Take: It’s hard to see what a Facebook phone would do that other phones do not. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting move by Facebook.

2. Animated GIFs FTW!

[link] This was just too good not to share, Helzberg Diamonds boosted online sales 288% with an email that featured a personalized and animated image.

My Take: Interesting tactic…combining personalization with animation. Still I think that it will often be foiled by email clients that dont render pictures. Not to mention mobile email clients.

Reasons for participating in Cyber Monday

3. Cyber Monday Deals

[link] The top reasons for holiday shopping online: take advantage of sale prices and free shipping deals.

My Take: Watching  some of the CrAzY Black Friday mob scene videos of crowded stores with throngs of people fighting for the same few sales further entrenched me in the “Cyber Monday” camp. Cyber Monday has actually become Cyber Week as people start hitting the online stores earlier and earlier.

4. Comments 4x as valuable as likes

[link] From the data…

  • Avg Clicks Per Like: 3.103
  • Avg Clicks Per Comment: 14.678
  • Avg Clicks Per Impression: 0.005

My Take: A major tenet of inbound marketing is: people are more likely to trust recommendations from a friend than a brand.  This study shows the importance of creating content that your audience will interact with – not just “Like” since these comments drive clicks.

pinterest vs etsy chart

pinterest vs etsy chart

5. Pinterest Is Now Pulling In More Pageviews Than Etsy

[link] Pinterest page views grew 2,000% since June.

My Take: The power of social at work again. I don’t use Pinterest, but it seems the power of social sharing of cool stuff is beating out having to weed through an online catalog where you have to find the cool stuff yourself.


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