Location Based Services Infographic Review

This Mashable infographic on location based services fascinates me in some respects:

What’s surprising:

  1. 90% of LBS Early Adopters were using Facebook Places, yet Facebook down played LBS. It took Places off the market but reintroduced check-ins by integrating it into a social status. “Checking into <place> with <these guys>”.

What’s not surprising:

  1. Early adopters are much more likely to use LBS apps for the social elements than mass consumers
  2. Mass consumers are much less interested in being the “mayor” of something. I always supposed early adopters were more “type A”.
  3. Larger chains are investing more readily in LBS, yet app users are advocating for the small mom & pop stores
  4. Interest in daily discount apps greatly exceeds interest in LBS apps



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