5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 10-8-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed.

This week: iPhone 5, LinkedIn Company pages, Google+ business profiles, smartphones and SMS campaigns.

1. This is Why Apple Didn’t Announce The iPhone 5

[link] It’s the hardware silly. It appears Apple wants the iPhone 5 to support 4G network speeds. The current available 4G chips use too much energy and are too large.

Anand Shimpi, a chip expert and CEO of Anandtech said:

A Qualcomm chip–the MDM9615–will likely appear in the second quarter of next year built on a more advanced chip manufacturing process. The MDM9615 comes in a smaller chip package and is voice enabled.

My Take: Although just a theory, this makes sense. Apple wants to raise the bar when it comes to smartphone technology. Releasing a new form factor without any benefits (above what is available in the iPhone 4S) doesn’t meet Apple’s high standard of excellence. In addition, we know the value Apple places on battery life. I’d say this means a release of iPhone 5 in the Spring.

2. Linkedin Updates To Company Pages

[link] LinkedIn added the ability to provide company updates on Company Pages.

My Take: I’ve always wondered who would win the enterprise. Facebook could have made a bid to do for businesses what it did for individuals. LinkedIn, who already has the top spot as THE professional social media network lacks social features and is still seen by many as a “resume site”. It still seems pretty wide open with LinkedIn having the edge for B2B and Facebook the edge for B2C. In listening to the Quick N’ Dirty Podcast, it seems like this update to LinkedIn could be the first in a series of changes to LinkedIn. Game on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google.

3. Google+ Lays the Groundwork for Business Profiles

[link] Google began promoting its support for brands. Up until recently, Google+ has been for individuals only and the platform has only been available to all users for a few weeks.

My Take: As a platform, Google+ has a lot to like. On Google+ brands can post messages, engage in real-time and reply to customer issues privately. Google+ still doesn’t have enough users to make it super compelling for users, but services continue to improve. Given the increased SEO benefits of being a Google property, brands must consider how/when/if to establish a presence on Google+.

4. What Smartphones Say About Their Users

[link] Frankly, this study my Prosper Mobile Insights validated what you might have suspected. Android and iPhone users use their smartphones for more media consumption, games and social media use than Blackberry users.

My Take: For the most part I tell people to invest in an awesome Android or iPhone – it can change your life for the better (seriously). However there are still those tech laggards that don’t really “get” why they need any of those fancy apps. For those people, the Blackberry is a step up.

5. Redbox Creative SMS Campaign Drives Results

[link] If you’re interested in how to execute a SMS campaign that generates business, review this case study in detail. Elements Redbox included: variable discount offers (gamification), scarcity, cross-channel (Facebook), and social outreach.

My Take: I’m very interested in SMS campaigns. Why? Open rates over 95% and it works on any kind of phone. Redbox built the blue-print for using new technology that many retail organizations should be using as a starting point.


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