5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 10-29-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed. This week: impact of iOS5 on publishers, using email to drive WOM, and a double dose of social tactics.

1. Condé Nast digital subs soar 268% after iPad gets Newsstand

[link] Magazine publisher is attributing jump in subscriptions to iOS5 upgrade and addition of magazine reading app ‘Newstand”

MY TAKE: Newstand could become the iTunes store of magazines – that’s essentially what it is.  The ease of use and home screen prominence is driving eyeballs and revenue.  I’m currently interested in digital publishing companies like YuDu which can publish to iPad apps AND Newstand.

2. Word-of-Mouth: Email tactics power referral program with 111% ROI

[link] Case study of how a B2B company increased business by creating a powerful referral platform.

MY TAKE: A lot of B2B marketers I talk to seem flummoxed over how to activate current brand advocates and drive new business. This case study shows that is possible. Providing simple tools and mechanisms for current customers is the key. Have a compelling offer and KEEP IT SIMPLE.

3. When Consumers Tweet Complaints, Should Brands Respond?

[link] 50% of consumers expect a response from brands on twitter, yet only a third of complaints are answered.

MY TAKE: If your customer complaint phone rings, do you answer it? Why would twitter be any different?

4. Social Media Marketing: 9 tactics for B2B social channel advertising

[link] Interesting review of Advertising tactics based on Forrester research and social media consultant Jay Baer

MY TAKE: Worth a read if you don’t spend much time connecting social media tactics with ad spends.

5. Popular Social Media tactics

[link] Article refers to a study showing that marketers want to use more meaningful metrics to measure social media tactics success, yet such metrics are difficult to nail down if the data and appropriate attribution mechanisms aren’t in place.

MY TAKE: Truly surprised that exclusive content is used so broadly. Otherwise the tactics focus on integration and social promotion which is pretty straight forward. I wonder if respondents are doing things like creating blog posts from whitepapers and the like.


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