5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 9-3-11

Too busy snacking on BBQ this Labor Day weekend to give a hoot about Marketing Technology? Enough of that! Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed.

1. Pound-for-pound, Pandora ads now worth more than radio

[link] On a phone call with investors and analysts after the stock market closed on Thursday afternoon, Pandora confirmed that pound for pound its ads are just as valuable as those broadcast on traditional radio. One analyst said that in reading the company’s quarterly report, he calculated that Pandora is now:

“generating more ad revenue per 1000 hours than traditional radio is, with a tenth of the user base.”

MY TAKE: It’s interesting to see online broadcast radio find a measure of equality with terrestrial radio.

2. How Younger Adults React to Brands on Social Networks

[link] Nearly one in four millennials (23.5%) interacted with content from a brand’s Facebook page at least once a daily, vs. 17% of older adults who did the same.  Brands have the opportunity not only to attract younger adults as fans of their brand, but also to interact with them frequently once they do.

MY TAKE: If you’re managing a brand online, recognize that the younger set is much more likely to follow and interact.

3.  B2B Marketers Yet to Connect Financial Metrics to Marketing Campaigns

[link] Though a third of B2B marketers track revenue metrics associated with marketing-generated opportunities, closed deals and percent of total sales, 35% said they do not report any financial-contribution metrics to executives. For now, it appears marketers are more likely to be held accountable for marketing-performance-related metrics. More than half (58%) report the number of marketing-qualified leads to senior management and 48% track the number of opportunities generated.

MY TAKE: When someone challenges you to defend the ROI, ask them how they calculate the ROI for traditional media.

4. Silverpop Unveils Two Mobile Applications for Marketers

[link] Pop-In, supports remote data collection via an iPad, allowing marketers to grow their contact databases while in the field. The other application is Silverpop Engage iPhone application that offers mobile access to Engage reporting.   With just a few taps on their iPhones, Engage users can review important metrics such as recipient count and deliverability statistics for either the most recent mailings or those within a specific date range.

MY TAKE: So many apps are being applied to Sales activities. It’s nice to see a focus in real-time Marketing

5 Blog Frog adds community to your site.

[link] Robert Scoble featured Blog Frog this week.  Blog Frog allows a blogger to create or interact with a community.  The problem Blog Frog solves is that blog conversation is between the author and the audience based on what the author wants to discuss and the community can’t engage with one another.  Not only can you take part in a community but you can embed that in your blog.

Love the saying quoted in the article:

building a community isn’t about connecting people to you – it’s about connecting them to each other.

MY TAKE: Check out and join the Marketing Technology at http://refford.com/community

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