Slaying the For Horsemen of the Social Media Apocalypse

Panel: Slaying the Four Horsemen of the Social Media Apocalypse
Jaime Punishill (@jpunishill) & Greg Matthews (@chimoose) did a great job leading discussion regarding issues facing regulated companies. If you missed the session, here are my notes:
– Don’t under estimate the amount of evangelizing you’ll have to do. You’ll have to tell/sell the story over and over.
– Win over Compliance by doing their jobs for them. You need to know how social media impacts them better than they do.
– Know that you’ll have to deal with those that fear not being able to control the message.
– Establish precedent with analog and digital processes and controls already in place for other communication media.
– Regulations either won’t change or will be too slow to change. YOU have to adapt. Compliance isn’t going to unpour the concrete.
– Know that you’re going to Design-Build-Fly the airplane at the same time.
– Find the company in your industry that people envy in general and use their social program as your internal benchmark. Use that comparison as a lever.
– Find a project that has infinite support in your org and find a way to attach social to it.
– Don’t expect your executives to tweet. They have too many demands on their time. BUT look for high level champions.
– If you decide to brand your executives ensure you don’t lose authenticity and don’t make them the sole focus of the brand.
– Send regular social listening reports on topics business decisions are made on.
– Find resources where you can, find staff that has a passion for social.
– Keep in mind that EVERYONE is on the defensive. You are disrupting their work-life bigtime.

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