MyWebCareer: Another social influence vendor joins the fray

Move over Klout and PeerIndex, you have more competition.  MyWebCareer uses a social scoring system that closely resembles a credit score (365-850).  A score of 582 is considered average.

As far as features, most notably it has the following:

  • Interactive, graphical display of your data and network
  • Analysis of your profile indicating problems with your profile

Users have the option of upgrading ($5 monthly) to gain:

  1. Insight into scoring metrics
  2. Improved public profile
  3. Comparison of your score against your network
  4. Additional insights via charts and graphs
  5. Custom job postings
  6. Proactive score monitoring

Unfortunately MyWebCareer is following the recent trend of trying to access your friends data on Facebook. (Which I hate)

MyWebCareer has an attractive interface and their credit rating system will be familiar to a broader population.  As I’ve said before, what matters in influence is context.  In a straight up fight with Klout, the social influence measurement company which most resembles MyWebCareer, the latter has some catching up to do.

Here’s my profile.

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