Curated: How Facebook is Slowly Strangling Twitter

This excellent post by Jay Baer rings quite true.  I recently discussed this phenomenon with colleagues – no one is on Twitter except the brands. All the “social” has left Twitter and all that remains is the “media.” It makes me wonder what could turn the tide for Twitter?

Social Threads

One of the larger challenges with Twitter as a communication platform is that it’s difficult to have conversations with multiple people. If you try hard enough you can stitch together “who said what” but it’s tiresome and error prone.  The result is, it’s hard to have a conversation on Twitter when n > 2. Twitter could regain some stature, as related to Facebook, by creating semi-private message boards, I’m calling social threads, allowing participants to chat on any number of topics. I’m envisioning the threads being “semi-private” providing some reasonable moderation controls for rather obvious reasons.

Such an offering could attract established brands and Twitter fans alike.  And this is a feature that Facebook is unlikely to steal outright, an issue Jay calls out specifically.  Facebook users are less likely to enter debates because more personal details are exposed in Facebook profiles – Twitter is more anonymous allowing for more fervor and debate.

Read Jay’s post below…

Twitter is in rocky waters and Facebook is making it worse by copying new Twitter features and starving Twitter of oxygen. How will it end, asks Jay Baer

Source: How Facebook is Slowly Strangling Twitter

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