5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 11-10-12

5 Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

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MT5 Edition: #61

Stories This Week: Most retweeted tweet ever, Google – beyond search, Mary Meeker on the US balance sheet, Nate Silver’s best week ever and Movember Games

1. Election coverage: most retweeted tweet ever?

[BBC] The words “four more years”, coupled with a photo of Barack and Michelle Obama embraced in a hug, have become the most retweeted Twitter post ever and is featured on the front cover of the Economist.

My Take: The best news source on Election night was Twitter who set up a dedicated page (no longer available) to cover the event. That feed was given to noted reporters and pollsters to provide up to the minute, trustworthy information.  They consistently broke accurate and insightful news well in advance of major networks.

Most Retweeted Tweet Gets Front Cover Treatment

Most Retweeted Tweet Gets Front Cover Treatment

2. Google ‘Now’ Moving Well Beyond “Search” With Mobile Assistant

[SearchEngineLand] Almost exactly three years ago when Google employee Marissa Mayer described “the perfect search engine”. She said it would be one “that could understand speech, questions, phrases, what entities you’re talking about, concepts. It would be able to search all of the world’s information, [find] different ideas and concepts, and bring them back to you in a presentation that was really informative and coherent.” Google Now provides a first glimpse into that future, it anticipates your needs based on past behaviors and activities.

My Take: Search won’t disappear but it will used less and less as augmented reality and platforms and apps begin to leverage the data we pour into them. Finally consumers will see tangible benefit from the data they give away so freely.

3. Meeker’s Address on the State of USA Inc.

[NYTimes] Ms. Meeker, a former Morgan Stanley star analyst turned venture capitalist at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, gained attention last year with a report on USA Inc., looking at the government as a corporation whose budget was sorely out of whack.

USA Short 102412

4. Nate Silver drives home a victory for data science

[VentureBeat] During Tuesday’s presidential election, one geek distinctly came to the forefront because he used “big data” to correctly predict all 50 states. His name is Nate Silver, and he’s so good with numbers he might be a witch.

My Take: Score this a win for science over art.  Nate Silver killed it by accurately predicting the presidential race as well as all 50 states.  Here’s Nate on the Colbert Report.

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5. Google Brings you Movember Games


Welcome to Movember Games! Four motion-sensing games designed
to get your Mo into shape for Movember. Choose a game and begin your journey towards moustache mastery.

Movember Games

Movember Games


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