5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 9-8-12

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

I spent the week holed up at home this week honing my programming skills.  Some ups: getting a working user model, a functioning log in, and some downs: controller issues, db corruption and javascript errors. Nonetheless, I enjoyed focusing on building this website all week.  Now, on with the show.

MT5 Edition: #52

Stories This Week: Smartphone wallets, new gadgets on the way, top email list building tactics, Twitter sets date for lock down, 5 new marketing trends.

1. When Will Your Smartphone Really Replace Your Wallet?

[Wired] Near Field Communications. The iPhone 5 and Passbook. Google Wallet. Square. PayPal. Every day brings news of new developments in mobile payments and mobile-pass technology. So when can we finally get rid of our wallets?

My Take: Hope you’re not in a rush – 10 years until the systems are integrated and reliable.  And it will take some people longer to trust this new technology. Hang on to your credit cards a bit longer.

2. September Will Bring a Full Roster of New Gadgets

[Bloomberg] It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least for gadget hounds. September is packed with events where consumer-electronics giants plan to unveil new, widely anticipated products.

My Take: Amazon is shipping new Kindles. Along with new phones from HTC, Motorola and of course – Apple. Great new mobile devices on the way!

Capture subscribers with top list building tactics

Capture subscribers with top list building tactics

3. Capture email subscribers with top list building tactics

[MarketingSherpa] B2B Marketers rely on email marketing as a critical lead generation tool.  This survey lists the most effective ways to gather email addresses.

My Take: Bottom line – here are the top five email gathering tactics: 

  1. Registration during purchase
  2. Online events
  3. Website registration
  4. Paid search
  5. Offline events

4. Twitter’s more restrictive API has arrived

[VentureBeat] Twitter just announced anticipated changes to its API, intended to “deliver a consistent Twitter experience.” Or to tighten Twitter’s grip even more on how Twitter users’ tweets are used off the social networking site … and prep for the continued growth of Twitter monetization.

My Take: I’ve covered this topic before so I’ll just mention the changes take effect in 6 months.

5. Meet the Five Big Tech Trends Changing Marketing

[AdAge] Media Kitchen put together 5 Marketing Tech Trends click here to see the presentation on Slideshare.


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