5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 7-14-12

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 Edition: #45

Stories This Week: Amazon aims to become retail, Google+ redefines +1, Facebook’s creepy goes to 11, a new LinkedIn design and Marketers shun Facebook.

Back after a week off. Hope your fourth of July was a blast.

1. How Amazon’s ambitious new push for same-day delivery will destroy local retail

[Slate] The story of why Amazon stopped fighting taxes and decided to play for keeps is crazy interesting.

My Take: This is ambitious.  This is huge.  Amazon is looking to become retail. First they stole business from retailers. Then, through their app, Amazon provided consumers with the ability to “showroom” (check prices and reviews) until retailers started revolting. Now, through the ability to set up same day delivery, Amazon is looking to fully displace Walmart and Target. Personally, I love Amazon (especially Amazon Prime) and for people like me being able to shop without having to enter a store AND still get the satisfaction of having goods immediately.  Yes…I want that.

2. Launching Google +1 Recommendations Across the Web

[Google] Google +1 recommendations can now be viewed within a site such that you can know if your friends liked a product or page on a site.

My Take: Google+ just reinvented the Facebook >Like<.  Congrats. Welcome to the 2009 party.  As Google+ increases it’s functionality, I continue to use it. The fact that “+1’ing” a page actually has relevance, beyond search, shows that Google is still figuring out how to fully execute their social platform. 

3. Facebook Considers Mobile Ads That Know What You’re Doing

[MIT] Last week Google announced “Google Now” and attempt to provide assistance and context based on what it knows about you (because you use their free services).  Facebook, in an apparent move to ‘one up’ Google is looking to do something similar but it’s focusing on serving Ads.

Golden Girls WTF Award

Golden Girls WTF Award

My Take: I’m giving this the Golden Girls WTF Award.  —–>

Really? The microphone is going to listen to what’s going on around me?  How much fun will we have hacking/making fun of that feature.  Way to go Facebook.  Just in case anyone forgot how much you disregard your users – you come up with a fantastic way to remind us how much you hate us.

4. LinkedIn Is Gearing Up For A Redesign

[TechCrunch] LinkedIn will soon be rolling out minor updates to their site.

My Take: It seems LinkedIn is trying to get more Facebook-y. The real story is how LinkedIn dropped it’s integration with Twitter.  All social network services are drawing lines in the sand because they are looking to further monetize their services and they perceive a need to wall off functionality to force users to visit their websites so users can view the ads. More impressions + more clicks = more revenue.


  • As stated: LinkedIn drops Twitter integration
  • Google+ retains tight controls over API integration with other social apps
  • Twitter buying Tweetdeck and…. aren’t they taking steps to reduce API integration? (the facts escape me)

5. Marketers Lessen Focus on Facebook Compared to Rest of Web

Facebook vs. Rest Of Internet

Facebook vs. Rest Of Internet

[eMarketer] Marketers are drawing down emphasis on Facebook, increasing budgets and time spent attending to the rest of the web.

My Take: Honestly. I don’t get this.  I would understand if Marketers were shying away from Facebook Ad spending – the way GM did. But this is about time spent on Facebook.  

Interestingly, Marketers are spending more time on relatively niche sites like Tumbler and Pinterest.  Your thoughts are welcomed in the comments.

Well enough of the geek stuff, are you ready to Break  Badly?


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