5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 4-28-12

Marketing Technology 5

Marketing Technology Stories you might have missed

MT5 Edition:  #35

Stories This Week: twitter is bigger than you think, changes in marketing/ad spending, data into dollars, Google Drive, Kickstarters Dark Side

1. Why Twitter Is Bigger Than You Think

[BrandSavant] While only 10% of Americans use Twitter, 44% HEAR ABOUT TWEETS EVERYDAY.

My Take: This supports the idea that while facebook is the key platform for reaching consumers,  Twitter is a great place for reaching influencers.

Change In Spending in Ad/Marketing

Change In Spending in Ad/Marketing

2. Marketers Leverage a Mix of Tools and Tactics

[eMarketer] US marketing professionals are leveraging more tools as they embark on each new individual campaign or program, and social media is taking a larger role in terms of spending and usage.

My Take: These survey highlights the need for Marketers to continue to raise their digital IQ. Are you shifting your Marketing dollars from traditional to digital?

3. Five Companies Turning Your Data Into Dollars

[Gigaom] Check out these five companies that are making money with consumer data.

My Take: I realize that on Facebook you are the product. Hey, it’s a free service and in return for the free service you are giving up your data (interests, behaviorial, purchasing intent). But explain to me why companies that sell services and products to consumers get to make extra revenue off of consumer data?  Why doesn’t the consumer get a cut?!?

4. Introducing Google Drive


My Take: Tell me if you’ve heard this one before…. a startup up launches and does something very well (dropbox, box.net) and then incumbents (Google Drive, Microsoft Skydrive) rush to copy the features?


The Dark Side

The Dark Side

5. Kickstarter’s Dark Side

[BostInno] Interesting story of how a $37K kickstart provided only $4K in funding.

My Take: This example highlights that many/most/some entrepreneurs don’t have a sufficient business background to estimate the costs associated with operating and marketing a new company.


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