5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 11-12-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed. This FREE BEER edition covers: what’s next in LBS, people love/hate brands on Social Media, privacy management (not as boring as it sounds)…oh yeah, and free beer.

1. Enhance Loyalty Marketing with Location-based Services

[link] Excellent info from the authors of Location Based Services for Dummies.  This is no fluff piece, this is where you’ll see LBS and LBM move towards in the next 12-18 months.

My Take: Integration with loyalty programs and passive check-ins could be the trigger that unlocks customers who are sitting on the check-in side lines.

2. What Twitter Users Think About the Brands They Follow

[link] Amazing stats:

  • 64% follow a brand because they are already a customer of the company—far ahead of the 48% who did so just to get discounts and deals
  • 50% said that after following a company’s tweets they were more likely to purchase from the firm
  • 61% follow brands so they can be the “first to know” what’s hot
  • 28% follow brands so they can curate content and retweet it to their followers

My Take: These are great “presence” stats, meaning they are gauging the effect of a brand just being on twitter. It would be interesting to see how the numbers break down among brands that truly engage with followers and the community versus those that are less engaging in content and style.

3. Less than 1/10 Facebook users like brand pages

[link] Two separate studies report that people don’t want to engage with a brand on Facebook or Twitter.

My Take: When taken together with the previous post it paints an interesting picture. Most people don’t want to engage with a brand on social networks, but those who do tend to be strong, active brand advocates.

4. B2B Marketing: 5 privacy factors to consider when using marketing automation

[link] Rules exist on how to use marketing technology. Especially in the EU.

My Take: If you’re marketing to european customers. You need to be aware of the regulations and the best practices for compliance. Know the rules. Implement your own internal procedures and be transparent with your customers on what your privacy policy is and how you manage their privacy.

5. Why Your Personal Data Is The New Oil

[link] Today your personal information is sprinkled across the internet…a personal data vapor trail. Solutions are coming online to help consumers manage their personal information.

My Take: Internet 2.0 runs on personal data. Facebook is free because you are the product. You get to connect with your friends for free because Facebook is using your information to target ads to you.  The big question is would personal data vaults hurt or help security?

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GoMo is an initiative that aims to help businesses build mobile-friendly websites. And, in an era when three mobile devices are activated for every baby born on earth, GoMo couldn’t be timelier.

Consider these facts:

  • Web searches from mobile devices have increased 400% in the last two years.
  • Soon, more people will access the web from a mobile device than desktop computers.
  • Businesses can increase consumer engagement up to 85% with a mobile-optimized website.

But in spite of these compelling statistics, only 36% of American businesses have mobile friendly sites. Everyone else is missing out on a huge opportunity to reach customers in a new and very personal way.

As advertising professionals, this is exactly the kind of opportunity we should jump on. A campaign without a mobile strategy is really just not a complete campaign anymore. This is as rich and as crucial a field to be playing in as the internet itself was 15 years ago, and the time to do it is now.

And that’s where GoMo comes in. Visit the case study section of GoMo to learn more about how consumers use mobile and understand best practices for mobile sites. You can even run your site through the GoMoMeter for a personalized report on how to get mobile-friendly. Get smart about mobile, and get ready for a revolution in digital creative.

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