5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed 10-22-11

Here are 5 Marketing Technology stories you might have missed.

Some yummy goodies this week: ice cream, Dynamic Search Ads from Google and TWO LBS BONUS links!

1. Mmmmm…Ice Cream Sandwich

[link] Google released a new version of it’s Android operating system.

My Take: As an ardent Android fanboy I’m excited for the new features. From the basics, like screen shots (FINALLY) to new awesome features, like face recognition, this is a big upgrade for Google. What they really need to do is to partner with manufacturers (Samsung, HTC, Motorola) and feature these new ICS phones – there’s so many Android phones customers can’t get behind them the way they can get behind the iPhone 4S.

2. Google AdWords Redesign Looks Beyond Keywords

[link] Google Adwords is basically being rewritten to include “Dynamic Search Ads.” According to product manager Baris Gultekin:

With the new product, advertisers just point AdWords toward the pages that they want to promote. Then Google matches the ad with the best searches and generates an appropriate headline.

My Take: Did Google just put the squeeze on SEO agencyies and vendors?

3. Content Marketing Key to B2B Sales Funnel

[link] This report highlights the content that marketers find most valuable for lead generation, conversion and brand awareness. Notice that there are some different between B2B and B2C.

My Take: Content is king. Marketers know that. The next step is to present the correct content at the right time to support their buying need.

[important]If content is king; context is gawd.[/important]

4. The Kings and Queens of Media Stacking – Tablet Users

[link] 42% of tablet users use their tablet while watching TV. The most common activity is checking email, followed by surfing and using social media sites.

My Take: Less obvious in the report is that many tablet users look up program information, product information or ads/deals related to what they saw on TV. If I’m making a broadcast spend I’m looking for ways to integrate digital and social into my tactics.

5. Top Marketers Look to Invest Big in Social Media

[link] Fortune 100 companies are looking to double, triple or even quadruple their social media spend over the next three years.

My Take: No real surprise here. 2011 is the year Marketers go hard at social media. I expect 2012 to be a year where Marketers refine their practices and do more than just “check the social media” box. Next year is going to be insanely creative.

[warning]BONUS!  BONUS!  BONUS![/warning]

6. Location Based Services: Check out Roamz

[link] I’m intrigued by Roamz. Using local data is the kind of innovation the location based services market needs

7. Q&A with the Authors of Location Based Services for Dummies

[link] Check out what Aaron Strout and Mike Schneider have to say.

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