March poll wrap: social influence measurement _IS_ an indicator of influence

Last month’s poll asked, “What is the best use of social influence measurement?

The results were as follows:

  • Quick take on an individuals influence (44%)
  • Track Marketing campaign efforts (22%)
  • It’s completely without merit (22%)
  • “First pass” metric used to discover potential influencers (12%)
  • It’s early days on social influence measurement and the consisent thought leadership centers around the fact that the available technologies fall well short of the needs of Markters.  For example, social measurement tools do not measure offline social activities and everyone innately understands the value of face to face.

    I tend to think that the majority of responders were right, social influence measurement is a good way to get a sense of an individuals level of influence.  It’s a starting point, not the end result.

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