Cold Turkey: Day 1

Today is the first day I’m going Cold Turkey.  For one week I will only get my news from Twitter.  No NPR, no RSS feeds, No newspapers, no website (unless directed to via Twitter), no podcasts and no e-mail subscriptions.

Here’s how the morning has gone so far…

  • Didn’t have to get the news paper out of the driveway for fear of catching the headlines.  +1 for Cold Turkey – didn’t have to go outside this morning, too cold!
  • Couldn’t read the regular blind date article in the Globe magazine (my 2nd favorite part of the Sunday Globe; top fave is Bruins news)
  • I found that the Boston Globe must have 100 twitter accounts associated with their paper.  Check them out here (notice the four tabs)
  • Not having much success finding a good twitter feed for NHL video game recaps, much easier to go to  *sigh*
  • The wife is conspiring with the rest of twitterati to post fake news stories to throw me off the scent.